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Piper Anderson is a writer, educator, and cultural worker. In 2015 she founded Create Forward LLC, which delivers creative strategies for social change to activate the collective radical imagination. Create Forward is the culmination of Piper’s fifteen years engaged in cultural organizing projects activating creative strategies to end the hyper incarceration and criminalization of communities of color. Beginning in 2001, realizing the destructive impact of prisons and policing on her community, Anderson became Blackout Arts Collective’s Lyrics on Lockdown National Tour Coordinator and directed the cultural campaign that reached more than 25 U.S communities creatively catalyzing a dialogue about the impact of the prison system on communities of color. Lyrics on Lockdown has since evolved into a course at NYU’s Gallatin School, taught by Anderson, where her students design and facilitate an arts program for detained youth at Rikers Island. In 2014 the consistent success of the course catalyzed the launch of NYU’s Prison Education Program, which offers an associate degree to men at Wallkill correctional facility. Her writings on race, education, cultural change, and criminal justice have been published numerous books and online publications. Recently, Piper was awarded a TED Residency to develop a national public storytelling project on mass incarceration. She will travel the country over the next two years hosting Mass Story events in 20 cities with people directly impacted by incarceration to catalyze more restorative and transformative approaches to justice. 

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